Bourbon 'n BrownTown

Bourbon 'n BrownTown

SoapBox Productions and Organizing's affiliate podcast pairs critical analyses of media, culture, politics, and everyday happenings with the tastiest of spirits. Friends, SoapBox colleagues, and roommates Caullen Hudson and David A. Moran make up 2/3 of BrownTown. With the occasional help of Chicago’s most talented and creative activists, filmmakers, academics, and social entrepreneurs, BrownTown unpacks current events, social issues, and gives personal insight into various topics. Find more at Follow @SoapBoxPO and #BourbonNBrownTown on all social media.

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    Ep. 20 - Juneteenth

    BrownTown takes on Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration of the end of American slavery. We recognize this important day as a tribute to our ancestors’ sacrifices and experiences. But in a history full of false promises, what does true liberation look like?

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    Ep. 19 - Happy Father's Day ft. Larone Ellison

    BrownTown talks all things Fatherhood, gender roles, co-parenting, and—of course—toxic masculinity with friend, academic, and father Larone Ellison on this special day.

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    Ep. 17 - Happy Mother's Day ft. Jamie Nesbitt

    BrownTown chops it up with friend, journalist, and mother Jamie Nesbitt about all things motherhood, relating to our mothers as adolescents and adults, and the importance of our mothers on this special day.

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    Ep. 12 - Self Love & Self Care

    BrownTown on BrownTown. We take a step back to discuss the importance of self love, self care, and self understanding. In order to do right in the world, we must first do right by ourselves.

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